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  • Rebuilding Nature. Rebuilding Life.

  • Rebuilding Nature. Rebuilding Life.


Genetic Engineering and Cell Line Development


Choose between CHO (adherent and suspension) and HEK293 cells and express your target (e.g. GPCRs, Ionchannels, Receptors, Antibodies) in a low, medium or high level.


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Vector design

Design the expression vector according to your needs. This can for example include codon optimized transgenes, generation of transgenes with tags like fluorescent reporters or purification tags [our services]. The vectors can also be designed to express two transgenes (e.g. transgene + reporter; two subunits etc.).


Stable cell line development

Generation of cell lines stably expressing your transgene within 1 month. The technology has been described in several peer-reviewed papers.


Predictable expression

The SCREENflex technology allows the predictable expression of the transgene and can be optimized to expression levels leading to low, medium and high expression of the transgene.


In addition to the cell line generation we offer a comprehensive characterization of the established cells. This includes:

Flow cytometry

Analysis of the transgene by flow cytometry of intracellular and extracellular proteins

Molecular analysis


Functional analysis

E.g. signal transduction pathways via cAMP/Ca2+ analysis

Suitable for High-Throughput-Screening