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Frequently Asked Questions – customized stable cell lines


1.      Which host cell lines do you provide?

Our SCREENflex technology is based on different master cell lines of mammalian origin. You can choose between CHO (adherent/suspension) and/or HEK293 cells.


2.      Which genes can be expressed?

There are no limits. We successfully established cell lines for our customers expressing GPCRs, ion channels, antibodies or cytokines. In addition, there is the possibility to design expression cassettes with more than only one gene driven by the same or different promoters. Moreover, we offer codon-optimized transgenes or generation of recombinant genes with tags for an easy convenient detection or purification.


3.      Why should I choose SCREENflex instead of conventional cell line development?

Conventional strategies to establish stable cell lines are based on random integration of expression-vectors into the genome of the host cell. The chromosomal surrounding strongly influences both stability and expression level. Therefore, the isolation of a stable, high expressing cell line is a laborious procedure without guaranteed success. Our SCREENflex master cell lines harbor a tag within a single chromosomal loci that confers stable expression of a recombinant gene. To establish the desired customer cell line the tag is cut out and at the same genomic locus the gene of choice is pasted in by a DNA-recombinase (molecular cut-and-paste). Since the desired gene is pasted in at the same chromosomal locus and no other chromosomal regions are altered, all positive expression and growth features of the optimized master cell lines are transferred to the new customer´s cell line. For details please see also here.


4.      What are the time lines for the development of a stable expressing cell line?

As the cell line development is based on our in-house master cell lines, the time required for the establishment is estimated to be about only one month.


5.      Are the resulting cell lines suitable for High-Throughput-Screening?

Yes. And for many more applications…


6.      Do you have other cell lines than CHO or HEK293 for stable cell line generation?

We can establish from any other cell line recombinant stable cell lines. The timelines will be longer for these projects. We suggest to discuss the optimal strategy together with the customer.


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